Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Linux Web Server Hosting or Linux Based Web Server

Linux web server hosting is one of the most popular hosting plans out there that provides the most bang for the buck. With its extremely low cost of maintenance and ownership, it is a very cost-effective solution, and those savings are generally passed on to the consumer.

Of course, Linux is not for the faint of heart. It is not like Windows, where everything is graphical and plug-and-play and intuitive. But that is where the seeming advantages of Windows ends the true power of Linux web server hosting begins:

Linux is an extremely versatile and robust operating system. It is also extremely highly customizable and extensible. Also, you may have heard that Linux is an open-source system and that a lot of the applications, scripting engines, and server software are available for download and distribution for free on the Internet.

Contrary to the Microsoft pay-for-play business model, the concept of open-source is based on the voluntary contribution of the world computing community at large. And it is a concept that has worked quite well and continues to flourish.

Moreover, Linux allows you to be more innovative, whereas with Windows you are limited to only what is commercially available. Statistically speaking, Linux web server hosting is more stable and you can expect better performance out of a Linux-based operating system than Windows, because of the kernel (underlying engine) upon which it is built.

Of course, not all of Linux is necessarily “do-it-yourself”. If you were to opt for a shared Web Hosting plan, for example, a lot of the most commonly used applications are pre-installed and configured for you, such as Apache, OpenLDAP, and mySQL.

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