Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Reseller Hosting – Manage Multiple Websites For Webmaster

If you’re a webmaster who manage multiple websites, you already know the significant monthly financial commitment that is required to maintain multiple personal Web Hosting accounts. Even if you have bottom of the barrel pricing for each account; say $9.99 per month, the pricing gets ridiculous when you have over 15 active websites. A Reseller hosting account can help a flourishing webmaster of any size keep hosting fees to a minimum while having the freedom to add new websites without incurring additional costs.

Manage Multiple Websites Using cPanel Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting accounts differ from personal Web Hosting accounts, VPS hosting accounts and also dedicated hosting accounts. Well explore each briefly here and note the differences.

A personal hosting plan typically allows you to maintain one website with access to one control panel to manage the particular website. These types of hosting plans are usually well suited for individuals who only plan on working with a single website and dont anticipate growth onto other topics or niches. While a personal hosting account may supply you with any number of sub-domains, a sub-domain is not considered a new website; it is simply a branch off of the main domain name. Personal hosting accounts are in a shared environment, meaning that multiple websites will share the same hard drive and network resources of other websites. You can relate a shared hosting environment to multiple users on a Windows computer; every user will have their own unique desktop and folders, but they share the same hard drive and computer system.

VPS Hosting accounts; a.k.a. virtual private servers and virtual dedicated servers are a similar to both a reseller hosting account and a dedicated server. While a VPS hosting plan will allow you, often times, the ability to host multiple websites in exchange for a flat monthly fee, they do, in a small way, still operate in a shared environment in regards to system resources. What makes a VPS hosting account unique and attractive to most webmasters is that each VPS account will have their own operating system on their own partition of a server. This helps to protect your website from malicious scripts running on other partitions, which is on par with the type of protection offered by a dedicated server, though at a typically lower monthly rate.

A dedicated server offers the ultimate protection against scripts or malici

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