Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Top 10 Question To Ask Before Starting Work On Web Design

Website Target Audience – Who is the web site target audience, means who will be his potential client? Who will be buying his product or services which he want to sell.

Understand what client wants Completely understand even very small thing don’t just get sit to start design, understand client need first. Don’t forget small things makes big different. Drop-drop make ocean.

What goals to achieve from website – What client want to achieve from his website, is he want to increase sell or is he want to sell business or is he want to promote his company. Don’t forget good design and good presentation can sell anything in this world.

Any thing Special! Is there is any special product he want to sell on his website, any featured product, something he want to launch through his website.

Domain Name – Do they have a domain related to their product, do they have domain book, will there domain is good for there business.

Do they have all Content – Do they have all content and information they want to on website, some people want website for their business but dont know what content they can put in that. Help them as much as possible in finding good content and images for them. Dont forget one good client brings you 10 good clients and 1 bad client take away 100 clients from you.

Capture there Imagination – Do they have any ideal site in there mind, do they have any specific color in there mind? Do they have some imagination in mind to start Web Design? Capture client Imagination and try to read his mind.

Updating – Will there site be easily updated. Will they will be able to update there site themselves. How much time will it take to update small thing if they want to update it through some company. Try to save money for them by helping them in making easy, clean and customized design.

Technology – Ask them about technology they want to use in there website. Most client dont know about technology tell them which technology can be good for making professional and technical sound web design. Help them to understanding there need, some client want Flash base website and also want it SEO friendly. Tell them advantage and disadvantage of it like (Search Engine and visitors may not be able to follow the text and navigational links set in flash design)

Website Launch – Finally when they want to launch website. On any Special Occasion, New Year, Christmas. If no special event, try to finish and launch website as soon as possible, remember 1 website can be done in 1 week or 1 year but doing it in more time meaning wastage of time for both group (The Service Provider and User).

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